Prueba Nivel Inglés online

Realiza el test para determinar tu nivel.

1) Where_______________________ from?
I’m from Italy.
2) This is my sister.
_______________ name’s Jane.
3) Excuse me, __________________speak Spanish?
4) My brother____________________________ basketball very well.
5) Yesterday I ____________________________ to the cinema.
6) ___________________ you have a good time last night?
Yes, it was fun.
7) Adam will meet _____________at the party.
8) I’d like ________________sugar in my tea, please.
9) I think skating is more dangerous _________________ cycling.
10) If you’ve got a toothache, you_______________ go to the dentist.
11) My parents never ______________a car when I was a child.
12) Can I have another cup of coffee?
Of course. You _________________ to ask.
13) Millions of animals _____________ captured as exotic pets every year.
14) When I was a child, I ______________ have lunch with my grandmother every Sunday.
15) Robert used to find work boring ___________________ he became a policeman.
16) She _________________ outside the music shop when suddenly a car crashed.
17) I couldn’t _______________ up with the rain in the North, so we moved to the South.
18) Michael __________________ working in this company for a couple of months so he hasn’t learnt all the procedures yet.
19) What shoes should I pack for a trip to Brasil?
Well, it depends ____________the time of year that you go.
20) I don’t know how much this CD costs. The price label’s ________________ off.
21) By the age of 24, I _____________________ to start my own business.
22) I’m afraid your order _____________________ delivered before next week.
23) If your father hadn’t come for us, we _____________________ walking back home.
24) _________________ he had call to apologise, I still wouldn't have forgiven him.
25) Our staff take their duties very_______________________ .
26) She invested a lot of time ___________ studying the behavior of elephants in the wild.
27) Smart phones ____________________ proven to be more popular than tablets.
28) Having _________________ her driving test several times, Jenny finally passed at the third attempt.
29) Maintaining good relationships with customers is essential, ______________ business you’re in.
30) I prefer to buy online_______________ go to the shopping centre.

Gracias por realizar el test, introduce tus datos para enviarte los resultados.

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